Clock Details:

Antique: Classic wind-up, tick-tock style analog clock.

Reactor: Realtime streaming plasma clock.

Vintage: Standard square wall clock.

Happy Time: Smiley-faced clock with swinging tongue pendulum, and eyes that watch the second hand go around.

Time Warp: Hands reach out from the distance in this hypnotic time tunnel.

Surreal: Fully-animated high-gloss clock.

LCD: Standard Digital LCD Display, with Calendar and customizable color.

Nixie Tubes: 1950's style digital display with calendar, flickering tubes and sound effects.

Black: Sleek and simple digital display with calendar and customizable color.

Wet: Translucent digital display with calendar.

Brushed: Clock digits and calendar are stamped into brushed aluminum.

Blackboard: Clock digits and calendar are drawn in chalk on a blackboard.  Color is customizable.

Earth: Digital display and calendar sit atop a 3D rotating Earth.  North and South Pole visibility alternates every hour.

Backwards: Runs counter-clockwise.

Counter: Displays the current time with a series of counters.  One for each digit of the time, 60 for the seconds in a minute, and 24 sub-second LEDs.

Droste: Based on the works of M.C. Escher, an infinitely spiraling clock.  Watch as the second hand traverses the ever-expanding spiral.

Binary: 4-bit binary LED clock.

Portal: 24 Hour analog clock overlooking the vast frontier of space.


An Amazing collection of 18 animated timepieces

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